Mason Jar Pin Cushion

In an attempt to better organize my sewing space… and keep the important items accessible (and pretty ūüėČ)… I present to you: my latest project!

I have a few mason jars hanging around the house, so I took one of the smaller ones and turned it into a pin cushion.

To get started, I gathered my supplies.
*mason Jar
*scrap fabric
*spare fiberfill/stuffing
*cardstock or thin cardboard
*glue gun

Step 1: Use the top of the mason jar to trace a circle onto cardstock or thin cardboard. Cut out the circle and make sure it fits into the top of your lid.

Step 2: Again, using the top of your jar- trace a circle onto the wrong side of your fabric. You are going to want the circle to be approximately 3/4 inch wider than the lid.  Cut your fabric following this circle.

Step 3: Add a small amount of fiberfill (or some sort of stuffing) and sandwich it between the cardstock and fabric.

Step 4: Wrap the fabric over the edge of the cardstock and secure with hot glue gun.

Continue to work your way around the circle.

Step 5: Place the pincushion lid up into the top of your jar.

Step 6: Place original lid over the pincushion to provide extra sturdiness. You can use the hot glue gun to keep it in place if you’d like, but be careful as excess glue can make it difficult to screw the top on the jar.

Step 7: Fill with goodies {in my case, this is awesome storage for my wonderclips} and ta-da!! You have a cute storage solution for your sewing area!