The Key Jar

The big girls are back in school… And the baby is down for a nap… So I find myself scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I stumble upon a post from Momastery. If you don’t follow Glennon yet, you should. Her honesty about how imperfect life is along with her compassion for people is inspiring. 

I’m sorry, I digress. So her post today is about a “Key Jar” to help unlock conversation and getting to know your family better. Replace the usual “how was your day” with questions that help you discover things you may not have even known about yourself.  Check out her post here for more details! 

I wanted a slightly craftier version, so I grabbed a decorated mason jar {that I had left over from a birthday party} and some popsicle  sticks to write the questions on. I also added some of my own. I had the privilege of attending an ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference a few years ago where the theme was “the power of positivity”. I learned to ask questions that train your brain to think in a positive manner. For example, instead of “how was your day”, try “tell me about the best part of your day”. 

I ran out of sticks for all the questions, but we have a good start for now and I’m so excited to get this new tradition started at dinner tonight! 


Fluff Butts 💜

I was recently introduced to the addictive world of cloth diapering by a friend. {don’t say I didn’t warn you}

I had contemplated using cloth with my older two daughters, but was overwhelmed by all the different types… And to be honest, the thought of washing poop was revolting. 

So this friend was kind enough to lend me a couple to try. And as it turns out, it’s not as complicated {or as gross} as I had worried.  So now we can save the environment and some money while rocking a cute fluff butt. 

In an attempt to not go broke buying all the fluff, I’ve started making my own!  Sahara Fabrics is my favorite place to buy PUL, which is the outer waterproof layer of the diaper. 

Here are a few of the latest diapers I’ve been working on:

Are these clouds not the cutest?!